Bridge Collapse Friant, California

Bridge Collapse Friant, California

With any road trip you usually come across one spot that catches your attention and the remnants of a collapsed bridge was one of those spots. Located in the town Friant which is just outside of Fresno California the the graffitied bridge pieces are hard to miss when driving by.

Friant Bridge Collapse Pieces

The bridge original built in 1906 for Wagons lasted 46 years until it's collapse in April of 1952. The theory for the bridge collapse was a combination of two factors. The first was that the Friant Dam which is just a short distance up the river was letting out a tremendous amount of water that day. The second issue was that the bridge was originally constructed with wood pylons and these pylons has become rotted and weak. In fact the Friant Chamber of Commerce had declared the bridge unsafe only 6 months before it's collapse.

Friant Bridge Collapse Pieces in River

Friant Bridge Piece

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