Grizzly Bears Montana

Grizzly Bears Montana

Want to see a Grizzly bear up close? Montana Grizzly Encounter in Bozeman Montana is a place you can see them. This sanctuary was created in 2004 to house rescued grizzly bears. The sanctuary not only provides a home for the bears but for most of use the first encounter with a real grizzly bear. 

Grizzly Bear Playing With Tree Log

We ending up visiting in early April and while there was a small line of cars before the opening we were all able to get in. You will need to check the web site for the different hours and schedules of the sanctuary as it changes with the season. 

Grizzly bear playing with a plastic container

The Sanctuary is about 1 hour and 20 minutes from the Northern entrance of Yellowstone National Park which is a little bit of a drive but worth it. 

Grizzly bear playing in the water

If you want to learn more about the bears check out Montana Grizzly Encounter at 

Map to Montana Grizzly Encounter


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