"That PNW Bus" Washington States Graffiti Bus, Washtucna, WA


This is one of those unusual side attractions that I happened to come across while driving through the southeastern part of Washington state. The bus also knowns as "ThatPNWBus" is owned by Washtucna Historical Museum and has become quite the attraction although still relatively unknown to most people.


This heavily spray painted 1950s school bus was used by a local farmer store items in through out the 1970s before it became truly abandoned. In 2017 the department of Natural resources who owned the bus at the time decided that it was in their best interest to remove the bus and haul it to the scrap yard. Before this could happen the Washtucna Historical Museum stepped in and decided to save the bus from it's planned destruction. Already a popular and iconic place the bus was moved 8 miles down the road to where is sits today which is just off highway 26.

Being just out side of the city of Washtucna, Washington it's an unforgettable attraction that cant be missed when passing through the area. You can stop by anytime day or night as the bus just sits in an open field. In some cases there may spray paint cans in the bus where you could make your own mark

Front of 1950s Abandon School Bus with Graffiti

Being a relatively unknown Icon of Washington State this quick stop makes for a great photo opportunity as the graffiti changes constantly. You can also see more photos on instagram by searching the #THATPNWBUS

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