Boy Scout Letter Home 1958

I found this letter while sifting through an estate sale. I find that some of these letters and other items we find truly fascinating. This is a letter home from Philmont Ranch which was for Boy Scouts dated July 1958. Below is a copy of the letter and I also retyped the letter just for easier reading. 

Boy Scout Letter Home July 1958

 Boy Scout Letter Home July 1958 Pg 2

Boy Scout Letter Home July 1958 Pg 3



Philmont, from what I've seen so far is definitely not what it's cracked up to be.

The only thing I've really enjoyed  so far is the meeting of Wulf, a visiting scout from Germany who is staying with my "patrol" till Monday. He's 17 + speaks English very well. 

My address is 


JLT #5 

Philmont Scout Ranch 

Cimarron New Mexico 

Were camped at " Bent " a semi- base camp near Ponil which even the leaders admit is the worst place at Philmont. The water has so much methanol in it that it can be burned when it shaken up. You can taste it, too. 

We stay at the Bent for 7 days (which began Saturday) then we take a short hike up to Sioux, a special JLT camp where we stay for 2 or 3 days. Then we take a 3 day hike + come back to Bent where we then taken to Head - quarters for the last day.

The classes here at Bent are rather interesting, but I'm not looking forward to the hike. 

Not only is the water at Bent poor tasting, but it's so scarce that in a couple of weeks, ( I'll be out of here ) they will probably have to ration it.

The campfires here are enjoyable 

See you later, I'll probably write again 

Say Hi to Jerry and the rest